Granny has been incarcerated, the fairytale has faltered & now something is Gnawing at Jo.

Selvage, a self securing line of knitting, is a creative exploration on themes of charity, self-help and religion, examining the countless avenues people trudge in an effort to make themselves feel like they’re enough when deep down remains a ‘gnaw’. Incorporating puppetry, mime, movement, storytelling and original music, it tells the unstable fable of a young man and his quest for peace.


Written by James Riordan.                                                    Original Music by Anna Mullarkey.                                    Directed by Lara Campbell.                                                    Supported by Druid, Galway City Council, Galway County Counci and The Arts Council.                                


Selvage began as part of the Druid FUEL program where a work in progress was presented in April 2018. Further development is happening in Annamakerrig funded by Galway City Council. The show will be on stage March 7th-9th in the Mick Lally Theatre funded by the Arts Council.

Brú Selvage.jpg