Granny has been incarcerated, the fairytale has faltered & now something is Gnawing at Joe.

Selvage (a line of self securing knitting), is a show about unraveling tightly wound modern anxieties and a boy's triumph over his 'gnaw'. It is a creative examination of the countless avenues people trudge in an effort to make themselves feel calm when deep down remains a ‘gnaw’ and uses physical storytelling, puppetry and a live, original score.

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Written by James Riordan.                                                   

Original Music by Anna Mullarkey.                                   

Directed by Lara Campbell.   

Lighting Design by Sarah Jane Shields

Set Design by Gavin Morgan.                                              

Supported by Druid, Galway City Council, Galway County Council and The Arts Council.                                


Selvage was first developed through the Druid FUEL program. Further development happened in Annamakerrig funded by Galway City Council. The show was preformed in March 2019 to sold out audiences. in the Mick Lally Theatre Galway and in Station House, Clifden and will return later this year.

Selvage play Bru Theatre James Riordan by Julia Dunin Photography-122.jpg